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There was a time when the need for weight loss was the exception rather than the rule. People ate well and worked hard. They got up early in the morning and got busy with a full day’s work. This work was mostly manual. People worked in the fields, dug, sowed and harvested.

They plowed the land, rode horses, and worked on farms and ranches. As a result, they can now eat as much and as much as they want. They didn’t need a healthy weight loss plan.It was built into their lifestyle.But that was a long time ago. The world has changed a lot since that day. Advances in technology have brought many conveniences that make our lives more convenient. And as a result of all these comforts and conveniences, our health as a culture has deteriorated.Most of us have sedentary jobs that require little or no movement. And, as you can imagine, weight gain has become a major concern for many.

While many adults are now interested in finding a healthy weight loss plan that offsets the effects of this sedentary lifestyle, weight gain has never been a major issue for teenagers. . Young people tend to be very active, so until recently weight issues weren’t an issue. In recent years, even young people have shown signs of weight gain too early and the health problems that come with it.In fact, obesity and its cousin diabetes are prevalent, especially in American culture. appearing in

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