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There’s just so many destinations around the world for couples yet, most of them are in Europe or the many tropical islands around. What if I told you there were destinations just as romantic in the the US you may have never considered?

The United States is full of picturesque views and romantic resorts that are perfect for you and your partner. This list has something for everyone from wine lovers to hikers and everything in between.

#10 Lanai, Hawaii

This one and the next one are extremely obvious but just can’t be ignored, Lanai has long been a destination for honeymoons and with it’s incredible geographic features and stunning sunsets it makes it perfect to crack a bottle of wine and relax with your significant other.

The only downside to this Lanai as a couple is that the cost is meaningful compared to many other destinations, Hawaii in general tends to be more expensive to get to and to stay.

Average Cost for a Week

$1,919 USD according to

Lanai, Hawaii

#9 Napa Valley, California

grapes vineyard vine purple grapes

Again, this one is obvious. This is the center of wine country in the United States as well as boasting some of the best weather you can get (As long as you like warm), so naturally this is going to be a great experience with your partner.

Try to get out to hike St. Helena if you like to hike or even if you don’t, it’s a great experience. If you really really don’t want to hike then enjoy the music and art, try to hit up Skyline as well!

Napa Valley, California

#8 Charleston, South Carolina

This one is a bit more low key but no less beautiful! Charleston is full of historical architecture, a surprisingly good art scene, and incredible southern cuisine.

Between the lack of crowds, the southern warmth and the old timey feel of Charleston you’ll have no trouble finding romantic spots for you and your significant other.

You don’t want to miss this one and frankly you might not find a romantic destination for cheaper within the entire US.

Charleston, South Carolina

#7 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

cold snow wood landscape

Jackson Hole is an outdoor paradise, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities from hiking to skiing to hot springs. You’ll be shocked at the natural beauty and the rolling hills at sunset makes for quite the romantic landscape.

The only downside here is that it is extremely romantic for outdoor couples but there won’t be quite the same experience if you’re not into the outdoors. Just know what you’re getting into before you go and you won’t be dissapointed.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

#6 Savannah, Georgia

The historic feel of Savannah is unmatched and because of it’s historic beauty you will have trouble not feeling romantic in this gorgeous piece of the past.

I have been to thousands of different cities all around the world in my day and this one is almost impossible to match. There are only a couple different cities that have this level feel and energy which just will make any couple feel in love.

There’s plenty of shopping here and incredible nightlife despite not being known for it. The number one thing to do here however, is simply plan a photoshoot in the town with your partner, the pictures you get here will be unmatched.

Savannah, Georgia

#5 Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Sometimes forgotten as one of the most romantic spots in the United States is the island getaway of the rich, Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard is one of the wealthiest getaways in the US and thus, boasts an incredible amount of luxury. It should be noted that this benefit is also a downside as it is not necessarily the cheapest vacation you will ever have.

This is a perfect place to get away and just relax on the coast, no worries or cares, and just let yourself be pampered by the local luxury.

Martha’s Vineyard

#4 Snowmass, Colorado

Colorado is rightfully known for it’s skiing and winter wonderland in Aspen, but what if I told you there was another spot just 9 miles away that is often overlooked but just as grand.

There are far less crowds and the mountain range is just as incredible as Aspen, there is plenty of romantic dining in town and stunning Airbnb’s to rent.

Yet another incredible aspect of Snowmass is the Snowmass Balloon Festival, a large balloon festival with over 30 pilots competing and thousands of visitors every year.

Snowmass, Colorado

#3 Bar Harbor, Maine

This incredible coastal experience is a completely different level of romantic. There’s Cadillac Mountain to hike for the sunrise, there’s Acadia National Park nearby for a picnic, and to top it all off there’s lighthouses and incredible artsy shops all over.

There’s spectacular experiences to be had for couples who love outdoors and those who love indoors alike, this experience is special but it should be said that Bar Harbor should generally only be a week or less to avoid overexperiencing.

Bar Harbor, Maine

#2 New York City, New York

There are countless movies romanticizing New York City but are they right? Absolutely, yes. NYC has countless romantic experiences for couples including, fine dining, Broadway shows, The Empire State Building, The MET and much more.

You’ll have trouble packing everything you want to do with your partner in a week so try to take 10 days or more to fully experience everything New York has to offer.

Big Sur, California

New York City, New York

#1 Big Sur, California

This mountainous region of California is just special in everyway. It is full of the greatness of California with the incredible views and lodgings of the coast.

You’ll have no shortage of unique places to stay with views of the ocean, yurts to glamp in, or rustic cabins, you’ll have everything you could want to choose from.

Take a walk in the hills near the coast or take a ride down highway 1, there is no shortage of relaxing experiences to make you feel closer to your partner in Big Sur. This was without a doubt the most relaxing place me and my wife have ever been.

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