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We all need to get out of the house post covid after we’ve been trapped inside the house for months on end. After this time you may not have the disposable income you used to have so let us look at some cheap destinations you’re allowed to travel to that are just as magical as the expensive destinations.


This is usually not on the cheap or the expensive list and the average cost of a hotel stay here is roughly $2400 USD for a 10-day stay here. This year however they are sitting at just $1300 for the same 10-day stay! There are very few requirements as far as testing goes, just take a rapid test upon arrival and if it’s negative you’re good to go!

Food in Aruba will not cost you any more than food in your home country, chances are at least, however, it will also not save you any. The food prices can vary based on if you’re going to a local restaurant or a tourist spot but you will probably end up spending around 15$-20$ USD per meal and per person.

Aruba is absolutely beautiful and posts covid they are looking to get back into the tourist action so book soon before it gets crowded and starts breaking the bank again.


This one should come as no surprise to anyone, Indonesia has long been one of the cheapest places in the world to visit. Now that Covid has destroyed their biggest industry they are absolutely dying for people to come back, they have lifted restrictions 6 weeks ago at the time of this article. Indonesia has transportation for less than a dollar per ride, food for less than two dollars, and lodging for less than 50$ a night.

Bali especially has a tremendous amount of events to experience and is rich in culture and beauty, it is a must-visit and can be done for less than 1000$ for a visit.


Provided you are vaccinated you will be good to go with just a negative test at the airport, if not your life will be a little harder so just make sure to get the jab before you go. Once you are in Thailand the delicious food can be had for less than $5, transport for less than 5$, and lodging can also be had ranging anywhere from 10$ to $60 depending on your preference of quality.

There are not a ton of restrictions once there and the beautiful beaches are free, if you want to experience something a little more expensive you can visit tourist sites for $20 or less in many cases.

Please note that if you go it is important to be respectful of all the holy sites here, Thailand is notorious for tourists coming and not caring at all about the holy temples, statues, etc. Simply be respectful and you’ll have no trouble here at all.


There are dozens of places that are virtually paying you to come to know that there are vaccines, just be sure to pick the place that’s best for your budget and make sure to do your research on flights as many of these places can have an awful layover experience.

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