Buying Backpacking Sleeping Bag – How To Get The Ideal One

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There is nothing better for a freedom lover than backpacking. It is the ultimate dream to be outside and at one with nature there is so much to take in walking about on the rough terrain the unpredictable weather and also coming across bugs. The experienced backpacker will have left nothing to chance by being well prepared for just about everything as one slip-up can make the simplest trip a dangerous one at that. This doesn’t mean that they are afraid of getting hurt but the thought of not being able to get about in nature to enjoy it and the views it offers. Special attention is paid to all aspects of the type of gear that they need to bring for their trip.

An essential part of the gear that a backpacker needs to consider bringing is a good sleeping bag. An excellent sleeping bag must be ideal for the backpacker to carry. It should be lightweight and easy enough to stow away and carry to ensure a good night’s sleep. What determines this will take some thought and research looking at one’s preferences so that it’s relatively easy to decide on the right choice of bag.

A person should look at the itinerary for their backpacking to consider what type of sleeping bag they will require. The area they are traveling to needs to be looked at will it have warm or cool temperatures? What is the temperature going to be like once the sun has gone down? Will it be a rainy environment or is it likely to have some humidity? A sleeping bag has more insulating quantities when it gets wet if it is insulated with synthetic material compared with natural material or bags that are filled with down so that is important to think about if you are to stay warm. Shell linings that are made of nylon are ideal to cope with humid environments as they are quite durable but for cold and windy environments they do not as well for this type of weather. Microfibre is a material that is suitable for resistance to water and wind though you will find them more expensive and heavier to carry in comparison with other materials. A bag that has less material will be lighter to carry and easier to stow into a backpack. It is always best to travel light when you are backpacking and have to take everything with you.

The concept of a sleeping bag that will fit everyone sounds good in theory but we all have different tastes in a sleeping bag. People all have different metabolisms some manage to keep ‘warm’ as they sleep at night; others require some extra protection even if the climate is quite warm. There are guidelines as to the temperature of a sleeping bag when it is subjected to differing climates and what temperatures would still make them comfortable. A person will also need to consider whether they require a hood for added warmth for their head or draft tubes that will allow the body heat to vent.

Once you have found the correct sleeping bag for yourself think about buying a sleeping liner that minimizes the need to wash the whole of the sleeping back and will also help to cut down on its wearability. By choosing a good quality bag the backpacker with care will be able to get a lot of use over the years the perfect investment.

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