Best American Seaside Towns for a Summer Vacation

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When you’re getting ready for a seaside vacation this season, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay at one of the most popular beach towns and seaside destinations around the United States. Several coastal destinations around America boast some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, and ocean view accommodations. Whether you decide to stay at a bed and breakfast, luxury resort, or a vacation rental home this season, you’ll find a handful of destinations that are perfect for a relaxing beach retreat.

Here’s where you’ll find some of the best seaside towns in America for your summer vacation:

Sanibel Island, Florida

This quiet town in South Florida boasts pale blue skies and sparkling white beaches. It’s home to millions of seashells and you can spend your days shelling and exploring the white sands on any given day. While this has become a popular destination wedding hotspot, you’ll still find plenty of quiet places to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation experience any time of year.

Harwich Port, Massachusetts

This charming Cape Cod town has been the home of fishermen since the American Revolution and is filled with captain’s homes and other historic sites. It’s known as “The Port” by locals and offers plenty of fishing opportunities, old piers fit for a casual walk, and nostalgic buildings. Head here for a peaceful and relaxing retreat in a charming seaside town on the East Coast.

Sag Harbor, New York

Another East Coast beach vacation destination that’s worth visiting during the summer, Sag Harbor boasts a small-town atmosphere and is a great place for couples and families looking for a quiet, more private escape. The town hosts a number of special events and activities throughout the year, including Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Christmas celebrations. Head here for a low-key summer vacation in an idyllic setting.

Rowaton, Connecticut

This picturesque coastal town is a great pick for family vacations and offers plenty of shore activities and town events to keep you busy during the summer months. It’s located at the mouth of the Five Mile River and is a picture-perfect vacation destination during the summer.