Ubiquitous Computing Incubating in the SmartPhone Clouds

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An honest discussion of smartphone cloud computing would need to start by informing you that this is one form of cloud computing taken from a herd of spotty inflections. There are many differences in their end uses or purposes. The keys to comprehending the various potentials are in understand their similarities. A cloud is something that is interposed between you and what you want to observe or do. If it helps you achieve your ambition, it is a good thing that you will come to appreciate and look forward to having a present or miss when it is absent.

When we talk about the differences in clouds, we have to be more specific. A cloud can be a very complex thing or something simpler. In either instance, the function of the community of devices that makes up a cloud will be to derive some result and send it to the requesting node. One way of gaining a better understanding of the relationship between smartphones and cloud computing is to contrast the physical attributes of water:
Water always seeks the lowest point and it abhors a vacuum. Computer chips have limited math processing powers and cannot address problems beyond that installed capacity.

Whenever water finds a lower point that is not filled, gravity will move the water into the lower position unless there are modifying conditions in that space that inhibit the flow. Cloud computing is the gravity that moves only as much instruction to the lesser computational devices as they are capable of managing.
Temperature and area will affect how water enters and occupies an empty space. Smartphone configurations are both set and fixed by network administrators or their owners who may modify the configurations to create an infinite conditions that affect who can participate in the computing work to be performed.

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