Women suit through time

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Women’s suits become more common in the 19th century when women who loved fashion could wear them every day. At first, they only knew outfits with skirts and in 1890 they added pants. Because they were driving by bicycles it was almost impossible that the skirt would not interfere with them. So women’s fashion has made a new step and created a piece of clothing that was until then only known by men. Pants had made a change in the world of business clothes also for women and made them more equal to men.

At the beginning of the 20th century, women were witness to huge changes in fashion and society. They resisted to the battle of sexes and fought for their rights as independent persons. First clothes had sharp lines and men’s features. Women’s curves were hidden and there was no track of sex appeal and woman’s role in trouser costume.

A big turning point was made by Coco Chanel. A woman was taken into a world of beauty and art by fashion icons. A woman has been saved from male cuts and been freed. Today a business suit with a skirt or pants has got a new epilogue. It brings freshness in its first look and women bring the right to the body with which she was born. Cuts have become more interesting and colors moved from classic blue or black to a variety of hues.

Today popular clothes that besides authority and woman’s freedom create a look of determination. A woman that can go to work or to a ceremony in her suit is confident in her own right. From the sex appeal to strict lines, cloth stays an essential piece of fashion designers. The never forgotten everlasting elegance has become a constant of women’s wardrobes and creates a figure of confidence and determined modern women.