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Website graphics undoubtedly play a huge role in website marketing, so it is a very efficient and effective way to increase sales. Graphics can give prospective customers the first impression of your site. Very high and it is very important that the site presents a coherent overview. The quality and placement of the graphics included in your website are essential for an attractive and professional look. If your website design isn’t quite right, using professional-looking graphics can help improve your website. It’s natural to try to get a message out to the general public, whether it’s pure propaganda. In both cases, website content should be easy to read. One way he achieves this is by breaking up the text with the right graphics in the right place to ensure that the viewer’s interest is maintained while conveying the message. Graphics complement the text and help convey your message. Visitors should be able to look at her web page and immediately understand what to expect from the rest of the site. Remember, first impressions only count once. Website graphics and their placement play an important role in website design and determine the success or failure of a website.

Image Formats

Usually, the format used for website graphics is JPG or GIF, which loads faster than most other images. The JPG format is mainly used for photos and the GIF format is mainly used for buttons, logos, or menu bars. A note on working with graphics in JPG format. This format is a lossy compression. This means that every time you edit an image and save it, the quality of the image is slightly degraded. The best way around this is to edit the image in the native format of the image editing software you are using and save the final version in JPG format.

Size Matters

When someone visits a web page, that web page is downloaded to their computer. This means that graphics are also downloaded. If your site contains large graphic files, there are two important factors here. First, if your viewers have a slow internet connection, your graphics will take longer to download, and they are more likely to lose interest and exit your site. Second, graphics can consume a lot of bandwidth. This means that if a website has many very large graphic files and the website becomes popular, the cost of running that website can rise. So if your graphics are over 50 KB, you should seriously consider reducing their size. I’ll cover this in more detail in my next article, but there are two things to note. First, stop thinking about inches and centimeters.

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