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Lowering Your Cholesterol Naturally Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

What can you do to lower your cholesterol? A lot, it turns out. While our gender, age, and genetics may be three determining factors we can’t control, we can do a lot about our diets, body weight, level of physical activity, and smoking. Learn how to lower cholesterol with these helpful tips. Since diet plays a major role in heart health, it’s important to eat foods rich in antioxidants and folic acids, such as dark green leafy vegetables and whole grains, as this help lower cholesterol. If you are unable to eat the recommended servings of heart-healthy foods on a daily basis, consider supplementing your diet with certain vitamins.

Many studies have been performed on supplements such as Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins, demonstrating their benefit in helping support heart health.

Dietary supplements that contain plant sterols and stanols coupled with a healthy diet can help lower cholesterol levels.

People with high-risk factors – those with high cholesterol, those who have a hereditary condition causing high cholesterol, and those who have suffered heart attacks or had bypass surgery — typically need more aggressive approaches, such as prescription medications to lower cholesterol and various other therapies to treat their disease.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking a supplement containing plant sterols and stanols to make sure it is right for your cholesterol-lowering needs.

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