Staying Safe at Walt Disney World

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Disney announced in late 2015 that there will be metal detectors installed at the entrances of their theme parks, and at Disney transportation boarding locations. In a time where travelers are concerned about safety more than ever, I personally find this to be welcomed news.

Disney has a unique knack for immersing guests in the magic – creating a world that takes us away from everyday worries, and allows us to be carefree kids. It is a shame that entertainment and work environments have been compromised recently, and that we must have a constant awareness of our safety, even when on vacation.

So, I not only want to discuss the extensive steps that Walt Disney World takes to ensure the safety and welfare of its guests (most in view of guests, many behind-the-scenes), but also to remind WDW guests of simple steps we can take to stay safe.

While on your Walt Disney World vacation:

1) Be aware of your surroundings, especially when walking through parking lots at night. This is a common sense step that we should not abandon because we are vacationing. Stay on walking paths, and pair up whenever possible.

2) Use the in-room safe to store your valuables.

3) Do not order pizza from a flyer that has been placed under your hotel door. Scammers have been known to use this scheme to gather credit card information. Most resorts offer pizza delivery service, or if you prefer, you can call Pizza Hut (they deliver to the resort lobby).

4) Lock your car and room doors. I certainly don’t want to offend my readers’ intelligence, but we sometimes get distracted on vacation, and forget to take this important safety step.

5) Beware of random people calling on the room phone asking to come by and search for an item they left earlier. If you get a call like this, always refer them to the front desk.

There have also been reports of guests receiving calls supposedly from the hotel front desk asking guests to verify their credit card information over the phone – Disney’s front desk will not call you to verify your personal info.

6) Be proactive in teaching your kids about park safety. Remind them that they must stay close and not wander off. It’s also a good idea to show them a cast member wearing an official Disney name tag, and tell them to find one of these nice people if they find themselves separated from family. We also put a business card with our contact information in the pocket of our little ones.

7) Listen to your cast members. If they ask you to walk to the end of the row, keep your hands inside the vehicle or stay seated, they are doing so to keep things running smoothly and safely. And be careful entering and exiting the attraction – sometimes we are so excited we forget to look down/ahead to where we are stepping.

8) Be aware of height requirements for attractions, and don’t try to finagle the system. Those height requirements are not in place to suck the fun out of your child’s vacation, but for safety. Along the same lines, if you are expecting or have health conditions, be mindful of the signs at the attraction entrances that warn of the intensity of the ride.