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Hunting for cheap or expensive quality home furniture is a great adventure in South Africa. There are dozens of great brands, with each one offering different sorts of furniture, in order to suit each style or taste. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best-known names of home furniture companies that deal with quality and/or affordable furniture in South Africa.

There are hundreds of quality furniture producing and reselling companies in South Africa, with many of them being city specific, while other being found in the bigger and even the smaller cities. Let us represent you with some of the biggest home furniture companies for start then after we will represent you with some of the specific ones that deal mostly with specific style furniture.

OK Furniture: If you are looking for affordable home furniture, than this is definitely the store you should visit. OK Furniture deals with a great deal of cheap and imported furniture and the best thing about it is that you can find its multiple stores in the major cities and towns of South Africa. OK Furniture is the best place for you when you are looking for furniture quickly and efficiently.

Lewis Furniture has a great deal of home furniture and you can find its stores in every towns and cities of South Africa. The company is special in terms of its great charity work and charity organization with the help of which it helps children and gives employment possibilities for hundreds of unemployed people in the country. The variety of home furniture at Lewis is diverse and you can choose out of leather and textile lounge seating sets. Check out its collections that are available throughout the whole country.

Furniture City: If you would like to find really everything that you would need for your home at one place, then its Furniture City you ought to visit.From quality, yet affordable furniture to electronics, audio-video devices and home appliances, you can really find everything in the stores of Furniture City.The great furniture concept offers a nice range of home furnishings follows the international trends and acts as the local home decor place of South Africa.Furniture City is present in everywhere, in the bigger cities of South Africa. You can also create your account and buy furniture online with countrywide delivery.

@Home store works alongside an interesting concept. It has diverse stores, with several of which only offering home accessories, home ware and home textiles in an extensive range. The brand acts as the reseller of big international home ware and kitchenware brands and therefore its stores are highly visited all across the country. As for its furniture, you can find a nice diverse style of furniture collections at @Home which can be found in the larger cities and in the larger shopping malls, such as Sand-ton in Johannesburg, Gateway at Durban and Canal Walk in Cape Town.

Of course, out of these brands, there are several furniture brands out of which you can choose from, depending on what style of furniture you prefer. Check out the stores of OKHA and Aircraft in Cape Town, when looking for modern uptown furniture, if you prefer the classic British or French country styles, check out Harmann & Keppler in Cape Town and Johannesburg.In South Africa, you are guaranteed to find the furniture to your taste and your wallet in the same time.