Best U.S. National Parks for Adventure Seekers

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The United States boasts more than 84 million acres of national parkland that offer a variety of opportunities for recreational activities, hiking, and nature walks. If you’re in the mood for some outdoor adventures and thrills, don’t miss the chance to visit some of the country’s most scenic natural attractions and venues that offer plenty of opportunities for adventure. Whether you’re interested in hiking, trail walking, nature photography, or want to see some native animals in their natural habitat, take your pick of several national parks scattered around the country.

Here’s where you’ll find some of the best U.S. National Parks for adventure seekers:

Everglades National Park, Florida

Ready for a kayaking adventure you’ll never forget? Head to Everglades National Park in Florida to explore the mangroves, forests, and nature trails. This park encompasses 1.5 million acres of land and water, and is home to a variety of alligators, crocodiles, and endangered species. You can take a kayaking tour with an adventure tour company to navigate the waterways. You’ll also find a handful of multi-day tours that take you around back country.

Arches and Canyon-lands National Parks, Utah

Head to one of these national parks for a hot air balloon ride over the stone arches and peaks. This is one of the best places to go ballooning and you’ll find plenty of things to do around the parks on any given day. The parks are home to more than 2,000 stone arches and you can find several outfitters offering ballooning adventures throughout the day.

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

The Denali National Park & Preserve is home to more than 6 million acres of wilderness and also the highest mountain in Alaska. You can head to Mt. McKinley for a mountaineering adventure, or make your way through the park and preserve on a hiking trip. The park offers some amazing views of the region and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see a grizzly bear, caribou, and other native animals during the summer months. Book a 3-week hike with the Alaska Mountaineering School that includes in-mountain flights, meals, guides, and climbing gear for the ultimate adventure.