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Hays Travel is the largest independently owned travel agency in the UK. They specialize in quality holidays and are well known for their excellent customer service. They are independent from tour operators, which mean they offer a much larger range of traveling opportunities. Luxury cruises, low cost flights, late deals, long haul specials, package holidays, and tailor made getaways are some of the main services that they provide. Hotel rates can be exclusively negotiated during the holiday season for extra competitive pricing. The company has 3 call centers and 35 branches, although the main branch is based in Sunderland, England.


Hayes Travel was founded in 1980 by John Hays, a travel entrepreneur. Hays started his first branch with no previous industry experience and with no more equipment than a desk in the back of his mother’s children clothes shop. After a few years in Sea-ham, Hays set up a second shop in Sunderland, the same place the now holds the Hays empire headquarters. The move required a huge investment of over 130,000 pounds, but the company managed to expand by subletting to other offices. Slowly, its number of travel agencies began to grow and by 1990, it had eight offices.

This company has continued to be successful to date, and has a revered reputation throughout the world for their quality customer service, adequate pricing, and good value. In addition to operating travel agencies, the company also includes home working, websites, calls centers, and hosts a total of 300 agents.

The Hays Travel Independence Group was formed in 1995 as a consortium for retailers who wanted benefits from the buying power and back office expertise of the company. This group is made from more than 130 various independent travelling agencies that can be found in the UK and as far away as Hyderabad. Hays Company now employs over 800 people and was recognized as one of the Top 100 companies in the UK.

Advantages and Perks

The Hays Company specializes in helping people to find their perfect holiday or getaway vacation. Travel advisors are always available to give impartial and specialized advice to help every customer to help them find a vacation area that suits their budget and their specific needs. All additional factors, such as insurance, transfers, and car hire can also be arranged by the agent beforehand. A foreign exchange bureau is provided with branches all across the North East where you can change your currency free of commission.

There are more than one hundred independent travel agency retailers operating under the bonds and licenses of this company. This means that there are other agencies, which you can sign up with agents that provide many of the same benefits as the Hays agency itself. This can be convenient if there you are in an area that does not have a Hays company presence.

Signing up with the Hays travel group will provide you with a personal travelling consultant to help you plan your holiday by searching through hundreds of destinations, accommodations, and cheap flights. You will need to tell the agent your preferences so they can tailor make your holiday to meet your specific needs. If you already have some plans of your own, simply tell the agent so he can incorporate them into the overall package. Even if you already have a Pre-planned destination, you can still benefit from the cheaper Hays travel exchange rates and flight tickets provided by your agent. They may also be able to tell you the best time to travel and which accommodations are the cheapest.

A specialized flight search program is available on their website so you can find cheap flights to almost any destination in the world. Last minute flights can also be booked for long distance destinations like the Caribbean, Canary Islands, Europe, Canada or the US. You can find you discounted flight by simply searching for your airport, and typing in the date and destination. Their flight searching machine will scan hundreds of airlines to make sure you get the best fares. If you book early, you will get the best price and choices for almost any holiday.

A large selection of Hays travel cruises is available for destinations like North America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Far East, the Red Sea, and Alaska. They have teamed up with some of the leading cruise lines to provide special discounts and offers on the best cruise ships in the world. Cruises can be almost anything that you want them to be, because there are new destinations every day. Facilities can include restaurants and bars, gaming arcades, kids clubs, sports facilities, spas, and much more. Whether you are on a honeymoon or have a family with young children, the extensive array of itineraries and ships provided by Hays Travel will ensure that there is something for everyone to do.